Desmond Boomer

Desmond Boomer

A 38 year old Belfast born engineer working in the Libyan oil fields

Michael Williams

Michael Williams

A 49 year old English born engineer

Matthew Aquilina

Matthew Aquilina

A 22 year old Maltese national returning to Malta

Tadeus Gorny

Tadues Gorny

A 48 year Polish national working in the Libyan oil fields

Phillip Farrugia

Philip Farrugia

A 43 year old Maltese national returning to Malta

Carmel Bartolo

CArmelo Bartolo

The pilot, a 47 year Maltese national

Click here for a Translation of Malta TV documentary.

The documentary features Matthew and Cecilia Aqualina, Phillip Bartolo (brother of the pilot), Cormac Boomer (father of Desmond Boomer), Censu Galea, Maltese Minister for Transport and Communications and Tunisian Ambassador For Malta E.T. Abdessalem Hetira.

It is over 90 minutes long and may take a few minutes to load, so please be patient.

This is a long video so it may take a couple of minutes for the video to load...

Below is a cut down version of the full documentary, the first 5-7 minutes show images of the planes involved in the search and the airports. I included this as it provides some frame of reference...I'd never seen Djerba airport before. There is also some footage of the wreckage which is discussed by Phillip Bartolo...but this is in Maltese.

This cut down version concentrates on the sections featuring Cormac Boomer, as these are in English.

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