Desmond Boomer

Desmond Boomer

A 38 year old Belfast born engineer working in the Libyan oil fields

Michael Williams

Michael Williams

A 49 year old English born engineer

Matthew Aquilina

Matthew Aquilina

A 22 year old Maltese national returning to Malta

Tadeus Gorny

Tadues Gorny

A 48 year Polish national working in the Libyan oil fields

Phillip Farrugia

Philip Farrugia

A 43 year old Maltese national returning to Malta

Carmel Bartolo

CArmelo Bartolo

The pilot, a 47 year Maltese national

  • Letter to Rodney Wood from Cormac Boomer

    36 Riverdale Park North,
    Belfast BT11 9DL

    3rd May, 1999

    Mr. R. C. Wood,
    10 Stakesby Road,
    Whitby North Yorkshire,
    YO21 1HG,

    Dear Mr. Wood,

    I write to you regarding the disappearance of Piper 9H-ABU you may recall we met at a Sitting of the Board of Enquiry in August 1997.

    The Board has not had a Sitting since then until 22nd April 1999, and I enclose copies of the Malta Times and Independent reports of the proceedings which will give you a flavour of what was discussed, we were very interested in Mr. Klebb's evidence, the content of which confirmed your own experiences on the flight.

    My purpose in writing to you is to seek further details of the flight and it's passengers.

    (a) At what time did the plane leave Luqa Airport
    (b) At what time did the plane arrive in Djerba Airport
    (c) Did you observe any passengers for the return flight in the precincts of the Airport Buildings
    (d) Did the pilot make any comment to you regarding the duration of the repairs required to make the plane mechanically sound for the return trip
    (e) How many passengers were on the flight from Malta to Djerba
    (f) Were you aware or was it conveyed to you that this flight was free gratis. Did you sign any papers to this effect.

    As you will have guessed from the foregoing I am still trying to establish what exactly happened to the plane after it arrived at Djerba, the evidence of the debris does not gell with it having been in the sea for nine months, neither does it's general condition conform with it's having been ripped apart in a 9000ft dive into water.

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