Desmond Boomer

Desmond Boomer

A 38 year old Belfast born engineer working in the Libyan oil fields

Michael Williams

Michael Williams

A 49 year old English born engineer

Matthew Aquilina

Matthew Aquilina

A 22 year old Maltese national returning to Malta

Tadeus Gorny

Tadues Gorny

A 48 year Polish national working in the Libyan oil fields

Phillip Farrugia

Philip Farrugia

A 43 year old Maltese national returning to Malta

Carmel Bartolo

CArmelo Bartolo

The pilot, a 47 year Maltese national

  • Letter from Cecilia Aqualina to Cormac Boomer re: next sitting of inquiry

    To: Cormac
    From: Cecilia

    Date : July 25th 1997

    Attached please find fax from Piper in reply to mine attached. Margaret is obviously self-explanatory however I have tried several times to check when the next sitting will be held - to no avail.

    May l suggest that from your end either through Christian or the Consulate you try to put some pressure.

    Also you could use the pretext that from doc. of sitting July 5th the Board of inquiry during Tua‘s testimony had asked him to produce documented evidence which automatically means that another sitting should be in the pipeline.

    I need your help because my lawyer has adopted the stand totally opposite to what his opinion was before the last two sittings i.e. that basically we are at the end of the line and what is even worse he now no longer believes that there are any grounds for instituting a law suit.

    I intend going ahead however somehow feel that we at least should attack on the same front either individually or together. To be honest I also feel that our only hope is between us two, Mandy and possibly Julie as the others seem to be on a different wavelength.

    I obviously as you know am basically interested in suing for criminal or gross negligence but this will have to be defined later but at this point I feel and I repeat I feel your only hope from your side is to push from your legal side in Ireland.



    1. Did you follow up the investigator number? Please send a fax to Telegraph insisting that following the article which Alina sent you in original copy asking their help to contact these people since you are not getting a reply and you are worried that they might not be genuine

    2. There was another article in the People on two pages re Bartolo which l will fax to you later or mail it. I get the impression that it is pro Bartolo but give me your views.

    3. Is Christian representing both you and Alice as parents and also Mandy as wife of Desmond or is he only representing Mandy

    Facsimile Cover Sheet
    To: Ms. Margaret Nepolitian
    Fax; 001407 770 0344 (ext: 561)
    From: Cecilia Pellegrini Petit

    Phone: (356)338196
    Fax: (356)443029

    Date: 17th July 1997

    Pages including this page: l

    Dear Margaret.

    Excuse me for not writing before but I have been very hard pressed.

    Thank you for your continued help and I also appreciate the very courteous attention shown to me by Mr. Lehman whilst he was in Malta.

    The one thing that I would like to know for certain because I am not clear about it, I was under the impression however that besides his testimony Mr. Lehman was to present a report after his return to base. To my knowledge this report has not yet been received.

    Could I trouble you once again to let me know the position? It you feel that I should contact Mr. Lehman myself please do not hesitate to let me know however if that is not necessary or you prefer to get back to me yourself that is fine by me. I am just not sure the way to go about it.

    Awaiting your reply and grateful for all the help given to us.



    To Cecilla Petit
    AT 9011358443029

    From. Margaret Napolitan
    Company, New Piper
    Date: 7/22/97
    Time : 8:42am
    Pages including cover : 1

    Dear Cecilla

    Our report was completed on June 25, 1997. We are currently getting permission from the Maltese to release it to the Public. An soon as we do I will send you a copy. It is strictly a factual document, no analysis. It contains the same information Paul gave you

    Thanks Margaret

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