Desmond Boomer

Desmond Boomer

A 38 year old Belfast born engineer working in the Libyan oil fields

Michael Williams

Michael Williams

A 49 year old English born engineer

Matthew Aquilina

Matthew Aquilina

A 22 year old Maltese national returning to Malta

Tadeus Gorny

Tadues Gorny

A 48 year Polish national working in the Libyan oil fields

Phillip Farrugia

Philip Farrugia

A 43 year old Maltese national returning to Malta

Carmel Bartolo

CArmelo Bartolo

The pilot, a 47 year Maltese national

  • Newspaper article "I know who killed Shqaqi"

    14th October 1997

    Dear Cormac & Alice,

    l am enclosing three newspaper cuttings relating to a recent case in Malta for your info. One of the newspapers is in our language so l am going to try and give you a translation in short of its contents;


    Newspaper Article from ill-hadd


    Peter Jones, who on Thursday evening was found dead with a slit throat, had told the police that he knew who had killed Shqaqi. Jones was of the opinion that the police was not interested to find out the killer of Shqaqi. Jones has said that the killer of Sqaqi was a young Libyan who had for some time lived in his apartment in Siliema. (Jones apparently used to rent out his apartments to some Libyan nationals). After the killing of Shqaqi the young youth who according to Jones had killed Shadi had disappeared from Jones' apartment but Jones had seen this youth somewhere in Malta weeks after the killing of Shqaqi.

    Shqaqi had been killed in Malta in October of nearly two years ago. ln the newspaper of Nov. 1995 this newspaper had reported that one of these killers was living in an apartment in Siliema. Jones used to say that in the past few months he had tried many times to tell the Commissioner of Police about the identity of Shqaqi's killer. ln the weeks following the killing of Shqaqi, Jones had also spoken to one of the ex ministers during the Nationalist administration and told him of the information that he possessed but as far as he (Jones) knew knowing was done.

    Jones 58 years was found in his apartment in Amery Street, Siliema, on Thursday evening at about 10:30 pm. His body was in state of decomposition. The body was found lying on the sofa and he had a deep wound under his chin.

    ln fact no force of entry into Jones' flat was found and apparently the killer of Jones had apparently no problem getting into his flat. There was nothing stolen and apparently who ever entered the flat had no intention to steal. The probability is that Jones himself had invited his own killer to go to his apartment The killer seems to have used this to kill Jones without any  problems.

    lt is understood that Jones in the last few weeks had told someone that he was very much afraid that he would be eliminated.  Jones hardly ever mentioned the Shqaqi case but he had mentioned that people  involved in the business of illegal carring of people to other countries has
    apparently threatened him that they would kill him. These were Arab nationals and lived in his appartments.


    In his appartment also lived another Arab national who was killed in Malta in Tigne in August 1996 and another arab was investigated by police for the killing of the arab killed in Tigne.

    Jones had previously said that someone had tried to kill him in January 1997 a Syrian youth was accused ofthe attempted killing of Jones.

    This Syrian was found guilty and deported from Malta. Jones used to say that a Tunisian wanted to eleminate him and the police was not able to trace this Tunisian who was to be witness in another case of another Arab or Tunisian who was to appear in court for the atte ted murder of his wife.

    This women told court that she had not seen her husban since 2 years and six months but he sometimes used to go and see their son. This person who had tried to kill his wife had also tried to kill Jones with a wire. But Jones had managed to escape from Driss as the wire had tore. Driss was one of the flrst persons that the police was trying to trace.

    Until going to print this newspaper had not managed to find ou if the police had traced him.

  • Gaddafi opponents lived in murder victims house

    Gaddafi opponents lived in murder victims house

    By Franco Aloisio

    Sunday 12th October 1997

    Opponents of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, including Libyan dissident Najib al Harari, who was arrested in Malta Iast year and latter granted political asylum in Sweden, used to live in the Sliema guesthouse owned by Peter Jones, who was found murdered in his penthouse last Friday.

    While under arrest, Al Harari told the police that Malta was considered an ideal working base by Col. Gadaffi's opponents. Sources say that Mr. Jones guesthouse in 51 Borg Olivier Street and another guesthouse in Graham Street, also in Sliema, were habitually used by Libyan nationals, including Harari. Two Libyans and a Maltese national are helping police with their investigations in the Sliema murder. The police would not confirm this information.

    Two weeks ago the Malta Independent revealed that al Harari was a member of the "Anti-Gadaffi Front" to which Islamic Jihad leader Fathi Shqaqi, murdered in Sliema in 1995 also belonged.

    Sources close to the police say that the Libyan national Amer Hisham Ali Mohammed, brutally toturted and murdered in Tigne last year, was a close friend of Al Harari and both shared Mr. Jones guesthouse in Sliema. Amer, also a member of the "Anti-Gadaffi Front", was terrified to return to Libya, the sources say.

    It has been learnt that Al Harari entered Malta on five different ocasions in 1996 using a false passport, before being arrested in July that same year. Police sources say that on many occassions Al Harari resided in Mr. Jones guesthouse. In the begginning of 1996, Al Harari left Libya on his way to Malta, claiming his life was in danger as he overtly opposed Col. Gadaffi's brand of Islamic socialism. An Islamic fundamentalist, Al Harari left Malta in February 1996 and went to Morocco, returning to Malta a few weeks later. He went went to Tunisia, returning to Malta soon after. In April 1996 he returned to Morocco, later flying to Sudan.

    His final destination was Malta, where he was arrested in July. Libya had asked maltese authoprities for Al Harari's extradition. he claimed his life would be in danger and was later granted political asylum in Sweden, where he is now staying.

  • Murder of Peter Jones in Sliema - Police Investigating three motives

    Murder of Peter Jones in Sliema - Police Investigating three motives

    By Natalino Fenech

    The Times, Malta Monday October 13 1997

    The police were yesterday trying to establish the motive which to the killing of 58 year old Peter Jones, whose body was found in his apartment in Amery Street, Sliema on Thursday night. Police sources said that the post mortem showed that Jones had been dead since Tuesday. The police are believed to be following three motives for the murder.Peter Jones, Murder in Sliema

    Mr. Jones could have been the victim of an emotional relationship, a theory which the police believe is a viable one because of his involvement with several Arab persons. The fact that there were no signs of of a break-in to his apartment and that nothing was disturbed strengthen this possibility.

    The second is that Mr. Jones could have been a victim of one of the persons living in this guesthouse and the killing followed an argument over payment.

    The third possible motive, which the police seem to believe is the most likely, is that Mr. Jones could have been the victim of of an attack by Islamic Fundamentalists. Mr. Jones body was found dead with his throat slit from ear to ear. "Unless someone tried to to make it seem so, this is an indication of an Arab sacrificial killing. It is essentialy the way fundamentalists kill", a police source said.,

    The police fear Mr. Jones public statements that he knew who had killed Amer Hisham Ali Mohammed, the Libyan who was shot in November 1995, could have had to do with his murder. The police strongly believe that Amer Hisham was a member of the Anti-Gadaffi movement. Police sources said that they did not believe that Mr. Jones really knew anything of significance but the fact that he kept insisting he know might have led to his elimination.

    Investigations in to the case are being hindered by various factors. The body was found dead two days after the victim was killed, ample time for the killer or killers to have left the island. The police were still working on finger prints lifted from the scene of the crime. One of the main stumbling blocks is that the police do not have equipment for lifting finger prints from skin and various types of fabric, hence any fingerprints on Mr. Jones body or clothes cannot be traced.

    A number of arrests have been made, but sources said the the arrests were rountine, made each time such a serious crime happens. The police were however looking for a Tunisian national who they believe, could help in the investigations.

    Anyone with any information about Mr. Jones latest movements is asked to contact the police on 221111

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